3 Ways to Maximize and Maintain a Professionally Cleaned Carpet
Cleaned Carpet

Carpets can do wonders to enhance the form and functionality of your flooring, but it can also get dirty as life at home can get hectic. All the minor spills, stains, and soot can make a newly-bought carpet look dingy in no time, especially since it takes the brunt of your space’s heavy foot traffic.

Keeping carpets in good condition not only enhances their decorative appeal, but it also affects your health since it can become a breeding ground for mites, mold, and disease-carrying microorganisms.

No one would want to step a foot on that, right? Hiring a professional to eliminate the bulk of the dirt can restore it to its former glory, but the list below focuses on what you can do to keep the newly-maintained carpet looking good for the long haul:

Tip #1: Avoid Walking on the Freshly Cleaned Carpet for a Few Hours 

Don’t let your pets or children walk all over a freshly-cleaned carpet! It’s not necessary to extend its spick-and-span state, but a wet carpet can flatten when you put pressure on it too soon, which will cause it to dry longer. In that regard, it’s best to take everyone away for two to four hours while waiting for the carpet to dry thoroughly. 

Tip #2: Use Your Home’s Resources to Speed Up the Drying Time 

If you don’t have a few hours to spare, then you can fast-track the drying process by turning up the heat in your home to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The warm temperature will get rid of moisture quicker, though you can also help it by turning on your ceiling fans. 

High humidity levels can also lock in moisture, so help out your fans by cracking open the window to reduce the humidity and help dry the carpet faster. 

Tip #3: Give the Newly-Cleaned Carpet 24 Hours Before Moving Back the Furniture 

A wet, fresh carpet is more vulnerable to trapping new dust and dander, so let it rest for a whole day before moving the furniture back into place. After you put the furnishings, vacuuming can also eliminate any loose particles that recently made their way into your new carpet. 

The Bottom Line: Keeping Your Carpets Looking Good as New for the Long Haul 

Life can get chaotic, and keeping your carpets looking fresh as new can be a hassle, but it’s worth keeping the dust bunnies away every now and then for multiple reasons. Keep in mind that people walk all over carpets daily, so cleaning them is key to extending their lifespan and avoiding any health triggers along the way. 

Are You too Busy to Run an Errand?

Cleaning something as time-consuming as carpets can be tiring, especially for busy homeowners! Seeing as the state and quality of your flooring can impact the comfort, appearance, and even safety of your living space, hiring professional cleaning services for residential areas in Alberta is worth every penny. 

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