Elderly Care & Companionship

Elderly Care & Companionship

Do you have a loved one who requires companionship, medical help, or constant check-in? If so, Sparkle & Sheen can help you with our elderly care and companionship services.

Our care and companionship service is designed to make your loved one’s life easy while giving you the peace of mind knowing that they are under the care of good hands—all, at the best prices in Edmonton.

Ease your loved one’s life with Sparkle & Sheen!

Whether your loved one is suffering from an illness or getting old, you can make their lives easier by hiring Sparkle & Sheen. We promise to take care of your loved ones and offer them the support they need like our family.

We offer care and companionship services in Edmonton and surrounding areas that include talking and listening to them, playing games or watching movies with them, going on walks, etc. That’s not all; our service also includes regular phone check-ins to ensure they are doing well, along with various other services.

You can even pair our elderly care and companionship services with other packages that may help your loved one, such as the following:

  • Home cleaning services to give your loved one a clean living space without ever having to hold a broom
  • Errand support and personal concierge services, where we can help your loved ones with their daily errands and chores
  • Lawn care and snow removal, so your loved one does not have to worry about their home’s landscape during any season
  • Meal preparation, where we cook delicious meals for your loved one the way they like

Benefits of Sparkle & Sheen Elderly Care and Companionship Services

  • 20% discount off our regular rates for elderly customers
    Personal support for your loved one when required
  • Extended service packages include cleaning the house, errand support, lawn maintenance, meal preparation, etc.
  • Customer-oriented service that is friendly, punctual, and professional
  • Terrific value for money with transparent pricing and zero hidden charges

Sparkle & Sheen offers your loved ones the support they need at the best prices in Edmonton.

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