5 Reasons to Hire Errand Services for Seniors

Do you have an elderly loved one who needs help with their daily errands or medication? Do you live far away from them, and you want to provide them with companionship or constant check-ins?

Many seniors are living alone, far away from their families. Unfortunately, as they advance in age, they will need more and more assistance with their daily activities, such as bathing, eating three square meals, or even handling all their medication. Family members and friends willingly and lovingly lend all the help they can—but as your senior loved ones get older, they will need more focused professional assistance.

Here are five things that seniors need help with daily:

1. Nutrition

A healthy balanced diet is one of the prerequisites of living a long and healthy life. If your loved one is suffering from chronic illnesses, they need a solid foundation of health so they can continue fighting and keep living a comfortable life.

Meal planning and preparation are difficult enough to do on your own as a middle-aged adult—and this is even more so difficult for senior citizens. Professional help from nutritionists and caregivers is needed to create daily meal plans for seniors with specific nutrient needs.

If meals are prepared in advance, many seniors should be able to warm them up in the microwave every day—if they can figure out how to get the machine to work. As they age, some seniors need special assistance in eating their food, as well.

2. Medication

Taking medication goes hand in hand with nutrition. Seniors require consistent, adequate medical care to remain healthy. It may become difficult for them to keep track of all the medication they need to take every day.

Regular doctor’s appointments, dental care, physical therapy, and even eye care are very important, too. As overall health deteriorates with age, seniors need more focused and specialized care.

3. Hygiene

Good hygiene is necessary for good mental health and high energy levels to get through the day. Personal grooming, bathing, and tooth brushing should not fall by the wayside—and older seniors may need help with completing all these daily tasks.

4. Mobility and Transport

Many seniors over 70 need specialized assistance to be mobile within their homes. Whether they need a cane, a walker, or a wheelchair, limited mobility means someone should always be within reach in case of an accident!

Transportation assistance is crucial for the elderly as well. They need to be taken to doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, and all other activities outside of their home. Even a simple trip to the park for some sunshine and fresh air can do wonders for their overall well-being—but these are things they can only do with a caregiver nearby!

5. Companionship

No matter the age, all people need companionship and regular mental stimulation. A mind that’s kept active is a mind that remains healthy in the long-term. Companionship services include playing games, watching movies, going on walks, and keeping up a regular stream of conversation with seniors every day.

The elderly don’t just need physical support for the things that have become difficult to do. They need emotional, psychological, and mental support as well so they can remain alert and happy every single day.


Coordinating support for your elderly loved ones can become more challenging as they grow older and as their need for daily assistance expands. To ensure a good quality of life, you and your family members will need to look beyond yourselves and consider professional assistance in looking after your senior loved ones.

If your loved one is suffering from an illness or getting old, and they are in need of errand running services, Sparkle & Sheen is here to help. We offer care and companionship services for the elderly in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our highly experienced industry professionals are dedicated to making your lives more comfortable. Contact us today to find out more!