3 Areas in Your Workspace That Require Deep Cleaning
Deep Cleaning

If you are like most people, you probably get deep house cleaning services every now and then for certain areas in your home. Yet, it should be no different with your business facility or office. Of course, you probably already get janitorial services unless you have an in-house team that takes care of the cleaning and organizing in your company.

However, there are usually certain spots in your workspace that need a little extra care. These are areas that get high foot traffic or areas used by everybody but rarely get cleaned by the employees. If you’re not sure which parts of your business facility need more attention and a deeper cleaning, keep on reading as professional cleaners from Sparkle & Sheen tell you where you should begin:

Areas in Your Workspace That Needs Regular Deep Cleaning

Floors and Walls

Your floors are probably the most abused part of the workspace with all the employees, guests, and clients who go in and out. They need deep cleaning every now and then, especially if you have carpet floors. Special attention should also be given to those areas where the floors meet the walls, which are often missed during regular cleaning.

Likewise, the baseboards that collect a lot of dust should be cleaned at least once a week. The curtains that gather dust as well, especially when windows are often opened, should be washed and dried monthly. The walls may not get as dirty as the floors, but they could easily get stained over time since they rarely get cleaned. Clean those parts of the wall that are hidden behind desks and appliances, too.


Unlike cubicles and desks that the employees themselves thoroughly clean, kitchens are often neglected because they’re not really anyone’s responsibility. Unless you have a janitorial service, the kitchen could get dirty fast.

Some of the spots in the kitchen that need deep cleaning include the fridge. It’s not just the food that some people forget about. As different kinds of food are stored there all the time, the fridge could start to smell after a while. It’s a good idea to get rid of leftover food once a week and deep clean it at least once a month. The cupboards should also be dusted once or twice a week as dust can collect in them.

Other neglected areas are garbage bins and grouts. Usually, the trash lining bag is disposed of, but the bin itself may not be cleaned and disinfected. Remember that the garbage from the kitchen should be disposed of daily, and the bins should be cleaned every other day and deep cleaned once a week. If you neglect this, you could deal with germs that could cause illnesses.

The grouts are also often skipped when kitchen cleaning is done. Unless they’re thoroughly cleaned, grouts can accumulate dirt and degrade faster, so make sure that they are deep cleaned together with other parts of the kitchen.


While your maintenance team cleans the bathrooms on a daily basis, there’s a high chance that these areas still require deep cleaning. In fact, for huge company bathrooms, daily deep cleaning is a must as bacteria can easily thrive and spread.


Every business needs professional cleaning services to ensure that every inch of their workspace is regularly deep cleaned. Ultimately, a thoroughly cleaned facility is a healthy work environment for all the staff. This could minimize the risks of getting sick, and the employee’s productivity won’t be affected either. Remember that just the usual dusting and vacuuming are not enough to achieve the level of cleanliness that you need to achieve, so make sure to schedule regular deep cleaning and request for the areas mentioned above to be given extra attention!

Sparkle & Sheen offers professional deep cleaning services in Alberta that you can depend on. Our highly-trained cleaners can ensure that no surface is left uncleaned when we work on your commercial space. Get in touch with our team today to schedule deep-cleaning for your facility!