Cleanliness Is Next to Happiness – 3 Benefits of a Tidy Home

The principles of Marie Kondo have resonated across the world, prompting people to get rid of anything that no longer “sparks joy”. The notion of tidying up rooms then picked up, and various decluttering and housekeeping trends have emerged—all designed to create a more relaxed and peaceful environment. Many believe that the results lead to a calmer mind, thereby shedding light on the connection between mental health and clean homes. 

Most experts believe that clutter emphasized stress and anxiety, and that good housekeeping can lead to positive mental health outcomes. In the simplest terms, a clean and organized living space means the ideal way of destressing. 

Pick up your mops and dusters, and start clearing out your homes—this is how a comfortable atmosphere can affect your life for the better:

Benefit #1: Cleanliness Relieves Stress

According to a 2010 study, women who choose to keep their homes clean end up happier and more relaxed, as opposed to those who just let things be. Choosing to spruce up your spaces by getting rid of dirt and grime, as well as dust in between the covers can give you a healthier environment, and therefore, better overall health. 

As a result, you’ll feel brighter and more relaxed, assured that your home is indeed a solid sanctuary. It’s always the best idea to regularly clean your home, taking extra care to remove stubborn stains, wipe down windows, and vacuum rugs. 

Benefit #2: a Tidy Home Means Robust Boosts in Productivity

Since cleanliness relieves stress, it only follows that a clean and organized home means better productivity. You’ll feel less inclined to pay attention to the dirt and clutter you need to clean up, and more concentrated on the tasks at hand. As a result, you’ll be able to harness more positive energy, prompting you to commit, dedicate, and achieve with a calm mind. 

An untidy home will make you feel more anxious, diverting your mind to all the things you still need to do—on top of your other obligations. With a daily cleaning routine, however, you ensure that all distractions are eliminated.

Benefit #3: a Well-Organized Space Allows You Peace of Mind

With better focus and a relaxed demeanour, it only follows that a clean space means a better mental state. It can be difficult to fully grasp just how it works, but practising cleaning can indeed lead you to a peaceful state. Without the stress and burden of other commitments, the process of cleaning becomes like a practice of meditation. Whether you’re deep cleaning the bathroom or sun drying the carpet, you’ll be left in a better, fulfilling state. 

No Time To Clean? Enlist The Help Of The Best Cleaning Services

From everything said and gathered, nothing quite compares to the prospect of seeing your home organized and tidied up. There’s certainly a sense of joy coming home to a well-dusted living room, where you can walk barefoot on your carpet as you relax your tired limbs. You’ll find your mind in a better state, ready to recuperate rather than stress even more.

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