Everything a Professional Lawn Care Company Can Do for Your Yard
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The days are getting longer, the winter chill is receding, and everything outside is turning more and more green. Spring is finally arriving! As great as that might sound, transitioning your home from winter to spring can be difficult if you don’t seek out professional assistance.

Once spring arrives, people will be spending more and more time outdoors. As such, you will want your yard to look its best for your family and everyone who will walk by. It’s important to maintain your lawn’s health, not just for the aesthetic and curb appeal, but you also need to make sure there’s no hazardous debris left behind by the winter!

Lawn care professionals have years of experience and all the equipment they will ever need to put your lawn back into tip-top shape. Every cleaning company is different, but most of them should offer the following standard services:

Spring Cleaning Services

1. General Cleanup

So much debris can gather on your lawn over the winter months. Whether it’s animal excrement, stray trash, or dead leaves, the most crucial step in lawn care is to clear all of these out.

Lawn maintenance companies make sure that your area is as clean as possible, and they will take care of the disposal, too. If winter storms brought down tree leaves and limbs, all of that would need to be cleared out as well. It’s best to advise your contractor to separate all organic debris so it can be composted.

2. Plant Maintenance

Spring is the best time to take care of all your existing trees, shrubs, and flower beds. Your greenery is likely in need of some major pruning—just make sure to advise your contractor about the aesthetic you want to maintain.

All types of organic and non-organic debris can accumulate in flower beds, too. For your flowers to bloom beautifully and stay in good health, all weeds, leaves, and other rubbish should be cleared off as soon as possible.

3. Lawn Aeration

Heavy snow during the winter months will lead to very compacted soil under your lawn. Compacted soil leads to unhealthy grass because nutrients, air, and water cannot circulate properly. Aeration is also excellent for preventing weeds.

Once your soil has been freshly aerated, it’s the ideal time to put in fertilizer.

4. Fertilizer Planting

Fertilizer provides your lawn all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and green. Early spring fertilizing is perfect for cool-season grass. Once outdoor temperatures reach 12 °C, your lawn wakes up, and the growing season begins.

For maximum efficiency, lawn care companies will take a sample of your soil so they can determine the exact type of fertilizer that is perfect for your grass.

5. Mowing

Grass needs to be a specific length to stay healthy and good-looking. Longer blades of grass improve water retention, and they create much-needed shade for its roots. Talk to your lawn care provider about the ideal length for the grass that you have.


Spring brings with it sunshine, warmth, and a thriving lawn. But before your lawn can grow and thrive, it needs special care to transition from being buried under a heavy layer of snow. Professional lawn care services can take care of all of this for you, from clearing out scattered debris to preparing your grass for seasonal fertilization.

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