Tips to Keep Your Lawn Clean
Lawn Clean

It doesn’t come as a surprise that having a lawn surges the value of a property considerably. Lawn offers a place to relax, to set up your garden or plant shrubs and trees and whatnot. It is an important feature of home development and this is what a guest would see before entering the house. Thus, it is crucial to keep your lawn clean and here are 6 tips you can follow. 

Get Rid of Weeds to Keep your Lawn Clean

Cleaning weeds mushrooming on your lawn gets a priority over others. Weed can grow invasively and aggressively causing the grass to go coarse and pretty much destroy your lawn if not taken care of in time. The roots of the weeds get stronger and harder to pull out. Thus, you must take some steps to clean out weeds.

To minimize weed growth on your lawn, you shouldn’t mow the grass too short. Apply pre-emergent herbicide before the weeds germinate or use post-emergent herbicide if they do. You shouldn’t over or under water the lawn. Planting wildflowers can help minimize the growth of weeds. Finally, allow mow clippings on the lawn for decomposition.

1) Mowing the Lawn

One way to keep your lawn clean is to mow it at a regular interval. Pruning the grass to a specific height enhances its health and growth. However, you must consider the species of the grass to find out how much height needs to be pruned. In general, one should allow grass to grow more than 5-6 cm in length, however, consider the species and season to calculate the frequency of mowing. Check out which lawnmower works best for your lawn.

2) Allow Clippings

Clippings are leftovers of the chopped grass. Apparently, clippings are beneficial for the soil as they decompose quickly and provide required nutrients to the soil. Clippings also reduce the amount of fertilizer needed as they act as natural fertilizer. Plus, clippings improve soil texture, save time mowing the grass, and more.

3) Sweeping the lawn

Sweeping is among the easiest things you can do to keep your lawn clean. Blades of grass, leftover leaves, and whatnot infest your lawn and can pile up over time. Sweeping the lawn every morning or so will help get the debris out and your lawn will look fresh and cleaner than ever.

4) Watering the Lawn

Watering is crucial for any type of plant or grass species to grow. Don’t just flood the lawn after a few days’ intervals and rather water it frequently or use light irrigation to provide an adequate amount of water. You can install sprinklers for irrigation as well. 

5) Aerate the Lawn

Mowing, playing, and walking or doing some other activities on the lawn results in soil compaction over time. This could prevent proper water drainage, air flow, and nutrient absorption, and thus, aerating the lawn is much. You can punch holes above 3 inches deep through the lawn to give the lawn space to breathe. 

6) Scraping and Raking of the Lawn

Scraping of lawn is simply scraping at the ground level using a sickle while raking helps in breaking the crust and prevent thatch from buildup. Raking also enhances airflow in the soil and germination.

Trying to keep your lawn clean isn’t that difficult unless you are not up for it or don’t want to mess up. In such cases, contact the pros at Sparkle & Sheen that promise an uber level of lawn care and maintenance.