7 Ways to Make Your House Look Spacious
Make Your House Look Spacious

Space has become an expensive commodity and thus, people usually tend to buy smaller houses if they are low on capital but often crave a larger space. Turns out there is a tonne of clever interior designing that would enable you to make your house look spacious and here’s the list of 7 tips you must consider for sure.

Clear the Clutter

People stack a lot of things in their houses and often so, it affects their ability to move freely. The best thing to do is to get rid of all the clutter. Sort out items that you need and don’t need an auction or sell off unwanted items for some extra cash and a lot of free space in your house.

Let the Artificial Light Make your House Look Spacious

Okay, it sounds funny when you read the sub-heading but it works. Apparently, larger windows allow a lot of natural light to enter your house. If you get rid of drapes and allow the outdoor light to be lit indoors, this will instantly open up space in your house giving it a spacious ambiance. If you don’t get abundant natural light, you can experiment using artificial lighting, add mirrors to the mix for the light to reflect. 

Use Neutral and Bright Color

It is common sense that colors do create an impact on the space and how we perceive it. Paint a room “Black” and it will look smaller than it is while color it “White” and you get more light from reflecting off the surface making the room look bigger. Using a neutral color like beige, grey, and white or a few other bright colors would give an illusion that makes your house look spacious.

Paint the Ceiling Bright

The previous tip was related to the walls while the ceiling can help create an illusion of large space in a compact room as well. Usually, brighter colors are preferred. You can even go for a completely white-washed color if you can’t think about any other color.

Add Reflective Surfaces

Adding adequate light and mirrors go hand in hand if the reflection does make a room look visually spacious. It’s not just a standalone mirror but you can add chests with mirrors and tables or units that are reflective to produce such an illusion. Plus, you can DIY here.

Be Creative with the Furniture

Today, you have ample concepts available in the market that use space creatively. A chest can double as a coffee table, foldable or expandable table, and other multi-functional furniture among others. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep furniture away from walkways. Move the furniture towards the wall, use bigger ones since smaller furniture clutters the space and makes it feel cramped. 

Optimizing the Space Available

There are a few things you can do to make clever usage of the available space. Use sliding doors instead of standard doors as it takes more space. Darker flooring with lighter walls will give your house a contrasting appearance making it spacious. Placing furniture on the wall away from the sightlines will surely give your room an illusion that it is huge.

Most of the tips mentioned above are DIY, however, unless you have some experience in interior designing, you will still need a pro’s help and that is where Sparkle & Sheen shines. Get your quote asap for professional home makeover services among others like never before.