2 Ways You Can Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger
Small Space

Homeownership costs most certainly impact the size of your place. Or it could be that while you save for your dream house, you have chosen to live in an apartment. Maybe you prefer a condo for a host of reasons but don’t particularly like the idea of cramped spaces. And therefore, you might start to feel as if you are without options. After all, you possibly cannot alter the physical space because that is limited. But guess what? You are most certainly not without a solution. There are ways to utilize the limited space, and with the help of these tips, you will be able to create more space and turn things around in your home.

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It’s natural to feel that you have absolutely no space for improvements. And that your house is running at total capacity with no scope of changes. But what if we told you that people often tend to overlook underutilized spaces in one’s home because they have not viewed it from a different or professional way. Here are the three most favourite professional tips that you can use to make your small space feel big!

1) Declutter and Organize

Clutter is a sure-shot way of making any place look cramped or small. Whether in the living room or your open kitchen, the scattered items can make the entire space feel much smaller. The best place to start is organizing things and keeping them stacked instead of lying around on tabletops. For instance, heaps of paper or magazines that have served their purpose can be identified and purged. Toys in good condition and are not being used by your kids can be given to charity. Similarly, old dishes, mugs and plates in the kitchen closet that you know you haven’t used in a long time can too be given away to a charity of your choice.

There’s another category most of us have to face when we think of decluttering or organizing things in our homes. Items that might be old but have sentimental value attached to them. For instance, family heirlooms or other unique pieces you might be holding on to but do not use. Now we understand making any hasty decisions about such things is not wise. But it could be beneficial for you to consider gifting these items now while you can still enjoy the experience of your loved ones using those special held things. The joy and the happiness of this would be like the cherry on the top of the cake. Think about it!

2) Mirrors and More

You can rarely go wrong with this trick that has come to rescue many homes and the people living in them! Most of us have experienced the magical powers of the mirrors and the illusion it creates when giving a small space a big makeover. Mirrors help create visually impressive and allow for a certain amount of illusion in making any space look bigger than its actual size. The trick, of course, is to place them strategically and having done that, you can instantly feel the difference as the space turns bigger and brighter! Of course, it’s helpful to remember that too much of a good thing can also spoil things.


The above is the most straightforward and cost-effective way of instantly giving your space a bigger feel. However, there are more ways you could turn things around if you are unsure how. You can get professional cleaners and organizers to help you create more space and learn extremely useful ways of maintaining an organized home.

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