3 Easy Ways To Organise Your Closet In The New Year
Organise Your Closet

Most of us are well-versed in saying, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’ And some of us try and implement it in all aspects of our living. But despite our best intentions, some spaces are hard to keep organized for too long. For instance, the closet in your room is an excellent piece of furniture that can make life easy if organized and can equally create problems if kept haphazardly. What’s more, we are not oblivious to the challenges of organizing and then maintaining a well-arranged closet. So here are three top tips that will ensure you are never left without an organized closet. Read on to know more. 

1. Empty and Asses

The key to a neat and well-arranged closet is the correct first step, which involves emptying all the contents currently stored. You might ask, why so? It’s because you will be surprised how many unwanted/unused things get kept over the years that never really catch our attention. So, the best place to start having an organized closet is to start from scratch. What’s more, it also allows you to assess the contents and decide them depending on their usability and requirement. Not to forget, it provides some method to the madness. Once you have emptied your closet, you are now aware of what needs to be stored. But more crucially, you can also see what items have been wasting the limited space in your closet, which is half the battle won. So, start by designating an area in your room where you can empty the contents of your entire wardrobe. It could be your bed, settee, or table where you can clearly lay the items and subsequently assess them based on their usage and relevance. 

2. Eliminate and Clean

A big part of arranging your wardrobe requires you to be strong-willed. Why? Because it involves some tough decisions. For instance, divide the entire lot you have emptied from your closet into three sections – Keep, Donate, and toss away. And to do this, you need to ask yourself questions like – does this belong in my closet? (you will be surprised how many things we end up storing in our closet that don’t belong there. Like what? Towels, big and small, bed linen, toys, stationery items, and we can go on and on with the list of things that, if taken out of your wardrobe, can create extra space to help you store the relevant stuff better.

When deciding on clothes, you can ask yourself – if you wore that skirt/jacket/shirt/dress last year? And if not, are you going to be wearing it in the coming year? Do you actually need 20 pairs of socks? Are you going to be wearing those t-shirts/ tops with bobbles due to extensive washing cycles? How many old sleeping t-shirts do you truly require? With the help of such questions, you can decide what stuff to keep, toss away or give away, therefore making it easier to get the job done swiftly. 

3. Place back things intentionally 

All this hard work will amount to great success if you only practice placing back things into your closet intentionally and mindfully. You can arrange your clothes by style/colour/or occasion. Categorizing your clothes is also an excellent way to understand what is happening inside the closet. So, for instance, dress shirts, t-shirts, trousers, sweatpants, etc., are stored under individual categories. Using colour techniques (light to dark shades) as a guiding system can be very useful in maintaining the neatness of a closet for a long time. 


The New Year is often straddled with big plans that sometimes get difficult to follow through with big dreams. But when you set realistic goals, like getting rid of the junk and organizing your closet, it can take the pressure off. So, starting small can help you get more out of this new year than those bulky resolutions that lose steam mid-way. The trick is to get organized and make sure it remains that way! Now have yourself a very Happy New Year! 

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