Pet Stain Removal Tips Before Hiring Cleaning Services
Pet Stain Removal Tips

Our pets are our other family members at home. We share the fun and good times together, and we will also definitely share in some not-so-pleasant, smelly, and filthy times too. Depending on your type of house pet, some may be more challenging to maintain and leave stains. While the intensity of these stains depends on the types of materials you use at home, no surface is completely safe from messes.

But fret not; we will share some tips from professional cleaners to help you clean up and avoid letting your home become smelly and stained.

Basic Pet Stains and Smells Maintenance

There are so many types of pets these days, and many ways they can stink up or leave nasty surprises in the house. Most dogs and cats may leave messes behind that are easily cleaned by clearing out and removing with paper towels or rags using anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid or soap and water, followed by a quick rinse of either soda water, disinfectants, or alcohol to remove any remaining smells.

Smaller pets may be lesser waste-producers and will only need minor clean-up. However, even these pets can cause stains and messes. While there are small housing and pet boxes with easy-to-use waste management and clean-ups for easier maintenance, it is not possible to prevent every mess and stain. 

Unfortunately, there will still be times when the best solution is to hire professional cleaning services and eliminate extreme bad stains and smells—no matter the size of your pet.

Other Pet Mess Maintenance Steps

Some pets are hairier and tend to shed lots of hair. Short-haired species will produce way less hair fall, though. Birds may shed feathers, while some lizards can leave a few scales, and even snakes might shed their whole skin and leave it somewhere once they’ve reemerged with a completely new one. 

Knowing the approximate time they shed extra hair and skin will remind you to check once in a while and do minor clean-ups, preferably in their designed spots with a brush and pan or a small vacuum cleaner.

Pet Potty Training and Other Tips

Some pets can be taught basic maintenance, such as cats and their accompanying litter boxes. Dogs can be trained to anticipate walks, so schedule this in the mornings when they’ll more than likely have to go out and do their thing. This will prevent messes and stains in the house. 

If you’ve ever seen YouTube videos of cats and dogs actually going to the loo and flushing after use, you can also take that option in case they are amenable and you are patient enough.

Final Thoughts

Part of having a pet is looking after its litter and waste too. Some may be messier than others, and some can even be trained to minimize messes. There are many common home items we can use to clean up bad litter and its smells to help maintain cleanliness, but if you have persistent stains, you might need a more thorough and dedicated service.

We at Sparkle & Sheen understand these times, and we’re here to provide professional cleaning services in Edmonton, AB. We love pets as much as you do, and no stink or mess is too bad for us. Call us today, and we’ll take care of it.