6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaning Company

Cleaning companies have proven to be a boon for homeowners. They have provided an easy, safe, and economical way to get the house looking spick and span.

Choosing a cleaning company, however, can get confusing and overwhelming, given the number of companies that provide such kinds of services. To help you in deciding on a cleaning company, we have curated a list of the top questions you should ask a cleaning company before hiring them.

“What Services Do You Provide?”

Your house cleaning will include numerous services. For instance, your floors, sinks, faucets, showerheads and windows will require cleaning, so will your sofas, beds, and other furniture items.

Thus, before hiring a cleaning company, make sure to ask the company whether they provide complete home cleaning services. If they do not, you will have to look for another company.

“What Products Do You Use?”

You need to ensure that the cleaning products used provide great results and are safe for your health. Thus, make sure that the products used do not contain harmful chemicals. Check whether the products can kill bacteria with high efficacy while leaving your home looking and smelling great.

“What are Your Cleaning Rates?”

Every cleaning company has its own rates for different cleaning procedures. Thus, ask about the cleaning rates in advance and calculate an estimate depending on your room size. This will help avoid confusion in the future and prevent you from overspending. Make sure you choose a company that provides the best value per dollar spent.

“Are you Insured and Bonded?”

Sometimes, a mishap during the cleaning process can lead to something getting broken or damaged. Thus, you need to ensure that the cleaning company you’re hiring is insured and bonded. This will help you get fair compensation if something goes awry.

That being said, it would be better if you informed the cleaning company beforehand about the fragile and valuable items they should especially take care of during cleaning.

“Do You Do Background Checks On Your Employees?”

Hiring cleaning services means you are inviting new, unknown people into your home. You definitely, want them to be trustworthy. Thus, make sure that the cleaning company hires employees only after they have done a complete background check on them.

“Do You Provide Workers’ Compensation?”

If something happens to the employees while they are doing their job, you can be held liable if the company doesn’t provide workers’ compensation. In that case, you may end up paying a huge financial sum. Thus, make sure to ask about it to stay clear of any troubles in the future.

Hiring a cleaning company can ensure that all your cleaning needs are taken care of by the best hands in the business. However, you should first make sure that the company you are hiring is right for you by asking the right questions. If you are looking to hire a cleaning company, you can contact Sparkle and Sheen for further details or get a quote. We would be happy to serve you!