The Switzer Family

Raised for The Switzer Family

Our Condolences to The Switzer Family

Our deepest condolences go out to the Switzer family. They recently lost their 15-year-old daughter to the extremely rare Labrune Syndrome, and their 18-year-old daughter is dealing with the same life-limiting disorder. The family is currently raising money to pay for medication that slows down the progression of the disease, unfortunately, the medication is $3000/week for one year. Learn more about it by watching the CityNews coverage here.


The Switzer family has been our client for some time, and we would like to spread the word and get them as much help as possible.

We are collecting donations for the Switzer family. If you would like to help by giving them a donation, please e-transfer it to with the message “Switzer Donation”. When sending your donations through Sparkle & Sheen, the Switzer family will receive 100% of the donation.

We would like to help by offering Sparkle & Sheen Bucks to any of our clients that would like to donate. If you make a donation of $25 you will receive 10 Sparkle & Sheen Bucks, $50 = 25 S&S Bucks, $100 = 50 S&S Bucks.