6 Topics to Cover While Inquiring for New House Cleaners
house cleaning

Hiring a house cleaning service to keep your place tidy and spotless is always a great investment. When it’s your first time trying to find and screen a cleaner or a company, you might feel a little overwhelmed and unsure about what exactly you should be asking. Should you ask whether your pet should be in a different room? Do they tackle specific living spaces like the bathroom or kitchen? Do they provide the cleaning products needed, or will you have to handle them?

To help you narrow it down and make the most of your time, here are some topics to make sure you cover during the initial interview:


Different house cleaning services may charge different rates, so it’s better not to assume and ask how they price their services. Some set the expenses by the hour, while others price it depending on the service being asked of them.

Remember to specify the services you’ll be seeking as well as the timeframe when discussing rates. You want to work with cleaners that can offer some flexibility regarding hours you’re comfortable with as well as services you will need. Be sure to compare the rates and services of different providers before making your decision, but don’t discount the quality! 


Many homeowners find it preferable to work with a cleaning service that brings their own products and equipment. They have prior knowledge and experience of what supplies work and which ones don’t, and you’ll be free of the duty to stock up on supplies.

One thing you may want to nitpick, though, is the type of cleaning tools and solutions that they use. A few stick with regular products that have chemicals, but they can be potentially harmful. It’d be ideal to find a house cleaning company that uses eco-friendly items compatible with the furnishings of your home.

Access Terms

Understandably, a cleaner needs to get into a home to clean it. Understand what are the company’s protocols and terms for it. Some services encourage homeowners to leave home during deep cleans, but in the end, decide on what you’re more comfortable with. Your partner, kids or pets might be sensitive about hearing loud noises, so take them and what room they’ll be in into consideration. 

Complete Services

Another topic you should be covering is the complete list of cleaning services that they can provide and whether it’s what you need. Some companies may offer special packages if you have different tasks that need to be done, so ask away from the start.

Insurance and Bonds

Having a cleaning company around reduces the likeliness of accidents and damages that’ll be inflicted on the home, but it’s not entirely impossible. In those cases where something of yours breaks or goes missing, it’s safest for a cleaning company to have liability insurance and bonds in place so that you can feel secure in hiring their services. 

Employee Screening

One more thing you’ll want to cover when getting a cleaning company is how they screen their employees. The safety and security of your belongings should be a top priority alongside the quality of cleaning that you’re going to get. Plus, getting to know a cleaner will give you someone to call for and request every month afterwards.


Asking questions on these subjects can significantly narrow down your choices to what’s best and compatible with your needs. Soon enough, you’ll have the perfect person for the job and a tidy home environment to match. 

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