2 Key Tips for Finding the Best House Cleaning Service
House Cleaning Service

After a bit of waiting and moving back and forth, you’ve finally come to a point where you’ll need to have your house cleaned as soon as possible.

After putting the idea off for quite a while, you’re definitely at that point where there is dust building up, and you’ve started to see specs of grime and mould. Now that you see all the dirt and dust build-up, getting a full clean with the help of a top-quality house cleaning service is high up your list to a point where you can’t put it off any longer.

Unfortunately, there’s one problem with hiring the best house cleaning service for your needs: It’s not as simple as you expected.

Why Is It Difficult to Choose the Best Service Available?

The thing about getting the best house cleaning service is that it’s harder than it sounds, as there are many options to choose from in today’s market. Although having an abundance of options to choose from in the Edmonton market is a great thing, the truth is that they’re not all going to be a perfect fit for your needs. 

Often, Canadian homeowners have ended up with finishes and jobs that they weren’t entirely satisfied with because they went into the process thinking that they didn’t have anything else to worry about. Unfortunately, this is a common reality that many people face because they don’t realize just how detail-oriented the process in question genuinely is. Although the number of available service providers doesn’t make anything easier, being methodical in your selection process will yield the best value for money! 

Different Tips Worth Considering

Now, though the whole idea of choosing the best house cleaning service for your needs may be intimidating, finding the best expert to service your home isn’t too difficult if you consider the right tips. If you want to have a clean home but don’t know how to sift through the options and gauge which options bear much value for money, here are some key pointers to consider:

Tip #1: Know What You Need

One of the easiest ways to make your decision-making process easier as you choose between dozens of available options is to get a firm grasp of what you need.

Depending on what type of cleaning you need, there will be options that specialize in such services than others, which cuts down your options in the process. Once you lessen the scope by knowing what you need help with for your home, you can save time and money because you’ll pay for great service while not wasting money or services you don’t need!

Tip #2 Look for Reviews

Like any other service, house cleaning services can be grouped according to the quality of service they provide and what past customers can say about them.

Reviews on the Internet are the clearest indicators of service providers worth working with (and which ones aren’t) because they’re completely honest and often in-depth. Once you start reading reviews, you’ll have an idea of how exactly a home cleaning service can suit your needs and what type of interaction you’ll have with them from start to finish. 

After you’ve lessened your scope, all you’ll really need to do is check out the reviews so you can narrow down your options and choose among the best remaining options according to other factors like proximity and price. The service providers that are worth working with—such as Sparkle & Sheen—will always be backed by copious amounts of good reviews, so make sure to hire them right away! 


Finding a dependable home cleaning service for your home can easily come off as a confusing and complicated process because of all the details and possibilities involved. Thankfully, taking the two tips mentioned above in mind will allow you to effectively sift through all available options and ensure that you end up with an expert that will best take care of your needs! 

If you’re looking for a home cleaning service in Alberta, Sparkle & Sheen has got you covered. Get in touch with us today so that you schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience!